RJ Park Group

To reserve a service you can call, email 24/7 or complete our online form on the website https://www.rjparkgroup.com/book.
You will receive confirmation from our Manager via the email or the phone you provided.

Minimum time of vehicle order is:
Mercedes E-class - 3 hours
Mercedes S-class - 3 hours
Mercedes Maybach S-class - 4 hours
Mercedes V-class - 4 hours
Mercedes G-class - 4 hours
Mercedes Sprinter- 6 hours

The fees for the Services is stipulated in Annexes to a Service Agreement, approved by the Parties.
When calculating the trip time, the service time is rounded up to half an hour.
For example:
The order started at 1 pm and finished at 3.10pm: the trip time will be counted as 2,5 hours.
The order started at 1 pm and finished at 3.35pm: the trip time will be counted as 3 hours.

Our prices include all taxes.
Parking fees at the Airports and around city, toll roads fees are not included.
All the fees are the same during the day, night, holidays, and weekends.
Some surcharges may apply during special events.
Travel outside of Moscow for more than 30 km will be settled individually with the customer.

Transfer to/from airport
RJ Park Group continually monitors the flights information.
The transfer "from Airport to City" includes the vehicle supply, waiting at the airport not more than 1 hour and the Customer delivery to the destination. Waiting at the airport for more than 1 hour is to be paid according to the hourly base tariff.

The transfer "from City to Airport" includes the vehicle supply to one address, 15 minutes waiting (free of charge) and Customer delivery to the airport, further service time is to be paid according to the hourly base tariff.

The transfer "from Airport to Airport" will be charged as Airport Transfer + one hour usage rate.

Waiting Time
First 15 minutes of waiting time is included in the fee.
Thereafter, waiting time will be charged at the hourly rate.

The order can be cancelled by the Customer not less than 12 hour before the start of the trip, Sprinter - 24 hours before the start of the order.

One trip can't be divided into two orders, if the time between the end of the first order and the beginning of the next will be less than 2 hours, the duration of the journey is considering from the pickup time to the end of the trip.

All vehicles are black and are not older than 3 years.
The following amenities are provided in all cars for free: 4G Wi-Fi, phone chargers, premium water, fresh newspapers, wet and dry tissues, dental kits, notebooks etc.
The Customer (and all Customer's clients) is strictly prohibited from smoking, drinking alcohol, any drug usage, unlawful carriage of arms, explosive or flammable substances in the vehicles of the Executor.
Transportation of pets is possible by prior arrangement with RJ Park Group.
A child seat is provided on demand.

Responsibilities of the Parties
For nonperformance or improper performance of obligations, the Parties shall bear responsibility stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and a Service Agreement.
RJ Park Group is not responsible for the things left or forgotten by the passengers in the cars.
In case of violation of the non-smoking requirements the Customer is obliged to pay US $300 fine to RJ Park Group.

The Parties shall keep confidential all and any information relating to fulfillment of an Agreement, the fact of entering into an Agreement, its content and all information that the Parties become aware of in connection with an Agreement.