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Recent Major Projects
Qatar Delegation
Transport management for the Royal Family and official delegations from the State of Qatar during World Cup in Moscow June 14th - July 15th
On Aura tout vu, Anton Belinsky
Transport & Travel Concierge support during PFW September 27 - October 3, 2018

Caterpillar Delegation
Official transport provider for Caterpillar during SPIEF 2018 in Saint-Petersburg
About Us
RJ Park Group was founded in 2015, but our roots run deep. It was a company started from scratch: step by step we gleaned our knowledge and practice through hard work on numerous large-scale events. Big Dreamers have become Big Creators and built a strong and powerful team to give you effective and reliable solutions.
Roman Park
Julia Park
Our Principles

Our success is the direct result of our way of being. Together we represent power, we value truth and independent thinking. We believe that excellence requires setting ambitious goals and standing to our principles.
Excellent Service
We deliver a best-in-class experience and exceptional customer care.
Safety and Confidentiality
We are passionate about working safely and always ensure absolute privacy.
Logic and Common sense
The best tools for embracing reality and understanding what to do about it.
Ethical Conduct
We are honest in our actions and follow our commitments.
Transparency and
Help us learn, constantly develop and build meaningful work.
Positive attitude
It gives us optimistic mood, tolerance and courage.
If you ever made use of our services once, you will definitely stay with RJ Park Group. We value meaningful customer relationships a lot, that's why we decided to thank you.
RJ Park Club was created specially for our long-standing clients to feel as part of a powerful community.
Membership amenities include special commercial offers, access to our private events and bonuses through the year.